Using the preview player

Using the preview player

Use the Preview Player for iterative design. Test and refine your video before the final export.

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In this lesson, we'll be delving into the Preview Player and discussing its important  

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role in the iterative design process of an explainer video. Let's get started. 

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When you're ready to preview your explainer project, activate the preview player by 

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clicking the preview button located in the navigation toolbar. In this mode,

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you'll see a video player equipped with all the standard controls: a play button, a timeline for 

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video navigation, a volume slider, full screen option, and a button to toggle subtitles. 

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On the right side, you still have access to the music and narration controls in the fine edit  

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panel. So you can easily audition other narrators or music tracks. Simply select a new narrator  

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or music to see these changes in real-time. It's important to note that Clip Inputs will  

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not be automatically updated in this view. Any text, logo, image, or other inputs will be shown  

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as placeholders. These elements require additional processing so in order to see these changes you’ll  

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need to use the clip render feature. We cover this process in more detail in other lessons. 

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To resume editing your project, click the edit button located in the navigation toolbar. You're  

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encouraged to toggle between the Edit Mode and the Preview player in an iterative cycle,  

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fine tuning your work until you're completely satisfied. Once ready,  

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hit the Export button to initiate the rendering process for your finished video.