Crafting your script

Crafting your script

Learn to script your video with direct input, paste, or AI. Master narration for impactful explainer videos.

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In this lesson, we'll explore the narration aspect of the Visual Timeline. SkillGround

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explainer videos typically utilize text-to-speech narrators as their  

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foundation. The script contains the main information or story you wish to convey,  

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while the visuals enhance the experience and keep viewers engaged. 

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We'll cover three methods for creating your narration script in SkillGround:  

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Direct Input, Paste, or AI Script. Direct Input involves typing your text  

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directly into the script layer. As you type, the Timeline will automatically segment the  

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text into sentences, and you'll see the video's duration to the right of the Timeline. To insert  

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a pause in the script, use two periods. The app will automatically generate a pause, with  

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each additional period adding one more second. Copy paste allows you to copy text from another source,  

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like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, into the script layer. The Visual Timeline will then  

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automatically format the text visually and provide an exact duration based on the text. 

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AI Script is a feature found in the Visual Timeline's toolbar. It opens a  

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popup window where AI assists you in writing your script based on a given prompt and your  

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selection of tone and duration. Regardless of the method used to  

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create your script, you can always edit and refine the text as your project evolves.