Choosing the narrator

Choosing the narrator

Choose the right narrator for your video. Explore text-to-speech options or upgrade to professional voiceovers.

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In this lesson we’ll be covering how to find the perfect narrator to your explainer video. 

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Start off by heading to the fine editing panel. And select the narration tab. Here you’ll see a  

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list of text-to-speech narrators available in your project language. Each narrator comes with gender  

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and dialect labels, making it easier to find the ideal voice for your video. Click on a narrator  

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to listen to a short preview, and double click or press the select narrator button to add it to your  

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project. Please note that SkillGround supports only one narrator per video, and some languages  

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have more narrators to choose from than others. For an even more impressive project, consider  

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adding a professional "human" voiceover. To learn more about ordering a professional voiceover,  

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please feel free to give us a call or chat with us through the support window.