Exporting your project

Exporting your project

Finalize and export your video. Ensure a polished end product ready for sharing with the world.

Video transcript

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This lesson covers how to export your project from SkillGround, along with some  

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useful tips and tricks. Let''s take a look. Once you've completed your project and are  

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ready to export, click the export button in the navigation toolbar. This action will trigger a  

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popup with a final prompt. If you haven't filled in all clip inputs, you'll receive a warning  

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notifying you that all empty input fields will default to the placeholder content. This might

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be exactly what you're aiming for. If not, look for clips marked with a blue bolt in the timeline  

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to identify which fields are still empty. If all inputs are filled, the popup will  

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simply inform you that you won't be able to make any further edits after this point  

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and that exporting can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours,  

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depending on the complexity of your project. After you proceed with the export, the waiting  

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game starts. There's no need to keep the window open; you will receive an email notification  

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once your video is ready. This is a perfect time to relax and maybe enjoy some popcorn. 

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Upon completion, you'll be notified via email. Returning to SkillGround,  

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you'll find a new view when opening your project, where you can watch your final video, create a new  

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version of the project for further edits, and of course, download the final video file along  

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with accompanying subtitles. Videos created in SkillGround are exported in 1080p in an  

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MP4 format, ensuring compatibility with all standard video players on the web.