Adding clips

Adding clips

Discover how to add and edit visual clips. Make your stories visual with SkillGround's expansive clip library.

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In this lesson, we'll guide you through the basics of adding clips to visualize what's  

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being narrated in your video. We'll cover how to find, preview, add, retime, and delete a clip. 

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Let's dive right in! SkillGround boasts thousands  

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of clips in an ever-expanding library, making finding the right clip akin to finding a needle  

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in a haystack. Fortunately, we've incorporated some useful features to aid in navigation. At  

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the top of the clip library, we have search and filters. Filters allow you to view subsets of  

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clips within a certain theme in "collections" or by editable attributes in "clip inputs." 

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Clip search enables you to sift through the entire library with ease. If your search  

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term matches the assigned tag in a clip, it will appear in the library. To harness the full power  

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of the search function, toggle the tag button. This will highlight all keywords in your script  

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that correspond to clips in the database, making piecing together your video a breeze. 

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Once you've found a clip you want to preview, hover over it for a couple of seconds,  

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and it'll begin to play. To add the clip to your timeline, simply drag and drop it  

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to where you want it positioned. Dropping a clip on top of another replaces it with  

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the new one. If you've made a mistake, you can always undo and redo with the buttons located  

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in the navigation toolbar at the top. Let's take a step back for a second and  

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discuss what these squares mean. Each square represents one second of time in your video,  

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and by default, new clips fill up to 4 seconds, but all clips in SkillGround are 10 seconds long,  

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meaning you can extend clips by dragging the handlebars to the left or right of the clip.  

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The same goes for shortening clips. However, you can only extend a clip up to the start of  

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the next clip. If you wish to extend past that point, you will first need to retime or remove  

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the clip that's in the way. To reposition a clip, simply drag it along the timeline. 

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To delete a clip, simply press the trashcan icon that appears when hovering over a clip. 

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It's that simple. This lesson should  

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provide enough to get you started, but if you want to learn more about clip types or how to  

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fine-tune your clips, head on over our Academy for a more comprehensive list of tutorials.