Customizing clip inputs

Customizing clip inputs

Edit clips with custom inputs: icons, images, logos, and text. Tailor visuals to your message seamlessly.

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In this lesson, we're excited to dive into the different clip inputs available in SkillGround 

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and how to edit them. Let's have a look!SkillGround clips come in two varieties:  

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standard clips and clips with input fields. Standard clips are fixed, meaning that the content  

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in the clip is locked. Clips with input fields, on the other hand, enable you to edit specific  

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aspects of the content to suit your needs. To search based on clip inputs, use the filter  

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dropdown at the top of the clip library. The five clip inputs we currently offer are Icon,  

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Image, Logo, Percentage, and Text. Icon, Image and Logo Inputs allow you  

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to enhance animations with pictures. Where Icons are suites for precise communication  

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like comparing apples to orangles. Images are great for adding presentation slides, screen  

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shots and profile pictures and Logos are scenes that are specifically created for logo placement. 

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Percentage Inputs empower you to manipulate data by adjusting percentage parameters,  

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such as setting a loading bar to reach 60%.Last but not least, our Text Inputs  

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grant you the ability to change messaging in various text fields. 

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It's important to note that clips aren't restricted to a single input; they can contain  

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multiple of either the same or different inputs. When you add one of these clip into the timeline,  

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a bolt icon appear, displaying the number of inputs it contains. Simply click on the clip  

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to reveal these inputs in the fine edit panel.Leaving fields blank will result in the clip using  

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the placeholder content seen in the clip preview.All image-based inputs support PNG and JPG  

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files for these fields, with recommended file resolutions provided where needed. 

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When filling in a text input, refer to the character limit at the field's top right to  

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know the maximum number of characters allowed.Percentage inputs come in the form of sliders,  

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which can be adjusted by dragging the handle to the desired value. 

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Finally, note that modifications to input fields don't update in real-time, meaning changes won't  

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be instantly visible in the preview player. To see these changes, you can either select "render  

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clip" underneath the clip input fields and the modifications you’ve made to the clip will process  

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in the background as you continue to edit your video. This can take anywhere from around a minute  

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to half an hour depending on the complexity of the clip and how many users are currently editing. 

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If you don’t feel the need to render a preview of each individual clip,  

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don’t worry; just keep on working, and once you’re done and want to export the video,  

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our render engine will incorporate your requested adjustments, in all clips, into the final video.