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With our AI-powered toolset and vast content library you can create remarkable learning experiences like never before.

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Our mission

To elevate video based learning

SkillGround is an EdTech SaaS platform that offers a robust AI toolset and extensive content library, that's stupidly easy to use yet incredibly powerful under the surface.


Unlock the potential of creation with AI

With a robust AI-powered toolset and vast content library you can create remarkable learning experiences 10x faster and better than today’s established methods.

AI-powered creation

Script AI

Get away from the blank piece of paper and take your seed of an idea to the next level with SkillGround’s Script AI feature.

Autofill AI

Let SkillGround do the work of selecting the right visual content to convey your message using our AI-powered recommendation engine.

A paradigm shift for learning

Partners - AI X+ Webflow Template

Captivate your audience

Create truly engaging learning experiences with SkillGrounds extensive toolset and modular approach.

Language Processing - AI X+ Webflow Template

Accessibility at scale

Unlock a world of possibilities with our innovative multilingual feature, designed to make communication effortless and inclusive for everyone.

How it works

Idea to content

Our intuitive video creator is at the heart of SkillGround. Allowing anyone to create amazing learning videos in minutes.

1. Write your story

Whether you’re a seasoned copywriting professional or utilizing our Script AI features the core of every successful video is the story!

Remote - AI X+ Webflow Template

2. Visualize your message

Using simple drag-and-drop capabilities and an ever expanding content library SkillGround turns your words into captivating video.

3. Make your video sing

Featuring a large selection of AI voices and music tracks. Utilizing the right voice and music to ensure your message resonates with your audience.

Transform learning with animated videos

Use animation to make complex messages engaging. Tap into a decade of expertise with SkillGround. Get started!


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