Fine-tuning clips

Fine-tuning clips

Advance your editing skills: select, color, and tag clips. Perfect your video with precise fine-tuning.

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In this lesson, we'll be discussing how to precisely edit clips within SkillGround,  

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by looking at features surrounding selection, color, inputs, rendering, and tags. 

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We'll begin by selecting a sample clip in the timeline and then moving to our fine edit window,  

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ensuring we are on the clip tab at the top. The first window we encounter is Clip Selection,  

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where we can preview the part of the clip currently displayed in our video. For example,  

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if the clip in the timeline is 4 seconds long, the preview will run in a 4-second  

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loop. Below the clip preview, we see 10 thumbnails depicting the action throughout the clip's entire  

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duration. By dragging the slider, we can choose which part of the clip to use in our video. 

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Beneath the Selection panel is the clip color. Here you can change the selected clip to any color  

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of the rainbow, with each click automatically updating the clip's appearance in the timeline.  

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This feature is currently exclusive to the SkillGround styled clips, so customers with  

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a tailored library will not see this option. We also have an addon if you’d like to have a  

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custom color setup that exactly matches your brand. To learn more about this  

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option please feel free to give us a call or chat with us through the support window. 

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For certain clips we have a section for Clip inputs, a topic explored in greater detail in  

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other videos. In brief, certain clips feature input fields that allow for modifications. In  

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our example, we have a text input and an image input available for customization. 

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It's important to note that these changes won't update in real time but will require rendering.  

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Rendering processes the clip in the background while you continue to work and can take anywhere  

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from a minute to half an hour, depending on the clip's complexity and the current load of  

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users editing. Alternatively, you can wait until you're ready to export the video; at this point,  

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our rendering service will incorporate all your requested adjustments into the final video. 

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Tags are keywords assigned to a clip, helping you find it. Selecting a tag  

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will display alternative clips sharing the same tag, which can be very useful. 

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Finally, if you'd like to add custom tags to clips for use in your workspace, simply enter them into  

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the custom tags field. The next time you or a colleague edit this or any other project,  

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you'll be able to locate the clip using that keyword, streamlining your workflow.