Intro to Video Creator

Intro to Video Creator

Dive into video creation basics with SkillGround. Explore layout, clip library, editing panels, and support.

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This is the SkillGround Video Creator, visual development platform that enables

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you to create production-grade explainer videos without any knowledge of animation.

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We've distilled industry-standard production principles, content, and

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features into a cohesive, simple-to-use package. In this lesson, we'll cover the general layout of

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the Video Creator, which comprises four distinct components: the Clip Library, the Visual Timeline,

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the Fine Edit Panel, and the Navigation Toolbar. so, let's dive in.

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First, the Clip Library, located the top left, is our ever-expanding

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library of animated content that serves as the fundamental building blocks of your explainer

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video. Each clip is ten seconds long and can be previewed by simply hovering over it.

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Below the Clip Library lies the Visual Timeline, the heart of the application

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where you assemble your video. The bottom layer accommodates text that will be read by a narrator,

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while the top layer is designated for clips that help visualize what’s being said.

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To the right is the Fine Edit Panel, which allows users to fine-tune clips, select accompanying

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music, and choose the right narrator. At the top, we have the Navigation Toolbar,

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which enables you to navigate back to the dashboard, access project settings,

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preview your video, and export the final product. Finally, in the bottom right corner, there's a

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chat button that opens our support window. Here, you can ask for

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assistance or explore our knowledge base if you ever find yourself needing help.