What is sepsis?

The foundations within sepsis, diagnostic and treatment. This course is aimed at healthcare providers looking to re-skill and upskill their workforce within this subject matter.

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Ulrika Knutsson

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This online training course gives you basic knowledge about sepsis, how sepsis is diagnosed and treated. The focus is on providing increased understanding of the course of the disease, how we can catch sepsis early, and what the course of care for sepsis looks like, with an emphasis on nursing. The training is based on the regulations in the People-centered and Integrated Treatment Process for Sepsis.

✍️ Description

The course begins with a basic review of what sepsis is, what happens in the body and which symptoms to watch out for. We then follow two cases, and that way you get a concrete insight into how sepsis is diagnosed and treated, what the care process at the hospital looks like and what complications a patient can suffer.

🤓️   Audience

The course is primarily aimed at nurses who work closely with patients in hospital care, for example in emergency care unit or in a nursing ward.

📚Who developed this course?

The content of this course has been developed in collaboration with:

Adam Linder, Senior Infectious Diseases SUS, doctor and lecturer infectious medicine Lund University

Sara Adolfsson, specialist nurse in infectious diseases, clinical teacher for nursing students at Lund University and Malmö University,

Charlotte Kerrén, specialist nurse in infectious diseases, Student coordinator and main supervisor of infectious diseases Lund

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