What is a course creator and which tools do they use?

July 20, 2021
12 min read

An online course creator is an entrepreneur, educator, thought leader, expert, or professional who creates virtual learning materials for a targeted audience.

E-learning is becoming more and more popular as technology advances.
There are many benefits to taking online courses, such as flexibility and interactivity.
Elearning can help people learn new skills, improve their job performance, or gain knowledge in a specific topic.
Som course creators focus on business and entrepreneurship, while others specialize in teaching digital marketing or web development.
Course creators also focus on health and wellness topics or personal finance. Your target audience usually determines which course content you produce.
Today, there are various user friendly tools available to help learning professionals get started in their online course creation and share knowledge more freely.
These tools allow course creators to reach a global audience and create an engaged learning community.

An overview of elearning tools:

- Learning management systems (LMS)
- Webinars
- Online course creator platforms
- Tutorials
- Screencasts
Amongst many other tools, creativity and flexibility are essential.

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