SkillGround is now opening its majestic gates to all - to try for free!

SkillGround is an EdTech & Video SaaS platform developed by Adme and we’ve been hard at work to get it into your hands!

If you’re receiving this message we’re very excited to offer you the opportunity to start creating remarkable learning experiences and animated videos using SkillGround!

And if you’ve already been a VIP pre-launch user there’s tons of improvements and new features to have a look at!

In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling our many more features and as a little sneak peek we can tell you some of what’s coming:

  • AI Assistant - to help you create easier and faster!
  • Course Templates - giving you a starting point for fantastic learning experiences!
  • SkillGround Academy - A vast library of tutorials to get you started!
  • And much, much more!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free and start creating now!